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Saturday, 16 June 2012


I'm on the feline trail this week for Sepia Saturday.
This is Nursie, a few months old in 1976, doing that funny kitten thing of suddenly flopping and falling asleep right in the middle of running round creating havoc. Nursie got her name from Night Nurse cold and flu remedy (whenever the Night Nurse advert came on TV she'd run to the screen and stare at it, absolutely mesmerised) not Night Nurse the famous racehorse. She grew up to be a beautiful ginger tabby with white socks and bags of personality.

Much, much more over at Sepia Saturday!


Bob Scotney said...

I have two dogs under my desk at the moment - one 14 and one 2 years old who have run themselves to a standstill this afternoon.
You would have thought they would have learnt by now,
Mind you I only have to say 'cats' and they would off again.
Why do cats seem to be made of bendy rubber when they flop down like Nursie?

Lisa B said...

she sounds adorable! gorgeous photo!

Wendy said...

All together now -- awwwwww. She looks like a cutie.

Queen Bee said...

Cats always look so relaxed and comfortable when they sleep. Cute pic!

Little Nell said...

She sounds like a cat with lots of personality, This is a lovely picture.

barbara and nancy said...

That's so funny how Nursie got her name. What a beautiful cat.


A familiar sight here.
My younguest, Ophelia,
is a big Buffy fan.
Go figure!!
Love the pic
as it belies the havoc
such a little creature can cause...

Postcardy said...

I love the picture. She sure had a pretty pattern of fur.

Tattered and Lost said...

What a lovely girl!

My late kitty loved to watch the National Geographic specials about cats. He'd sit in front of the screen for the full hour, never walking away. He never grew tired of it.