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Saturday, 13 April 2013

The great outdoors

We're being outdoorsey this week on Sepia Saturday. Whether the two participants in the photograph intend to go for a bracing walk or are merely doing a little gentle sightseeing is unclear, but it's a nicely composed image.
This is from the same group of photographs as the picnic party and the tennis enthusiasts. The board-mounted photograph measures142mm x 97mm; Chapelgill, Nov. 1892 is written on the reverse. Google reveals that the location probably refers to Chapelgill Hill in Scotland, a popular venue for present-day walkers.

You can find more walkers and other old images over at Sepia Saturday.


Postcardy said...

It looks like a nice spot for a little gentle sightseeing.

Mike Brubaker said...

An artful photograph but what connects this view of Scotland to the location with the palm tree? Could it be one of those travel writer/photographers? The ladies' dresses and cloaks must have been challenging on a walk.

Kathy said...

Great to have the large view - looks like a lovely setting to sit and talk.

Brett Payne said...

That's a very nice composed, and rather unusual, scenic cabinet card. I judge from the clothing that it was taken around the turn of the century, and it's very likely that a dry-plate camera was used.