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Sunday, 12 February 2012

St. Dunstan's Victory Over Blindness

Fund-raising postcard for St. Dunstan's. On the reverse: The soldiers and sailors blinded in the war are "learning to be blind" at St. Dunstan's in Regent's Park. After their training they go to their own homes or are set up in new ones to carry on the trades they have mastered. Large sums of money are necessary for the after-care of these brave men who gave their sight for us in the war, and a permanent After-Care Branch which will look after them all their lives has been established by the National Institute for the Blind which asks for your practical sympathy on their behalf. Contributions will be gladly accepted by the Treasurer, The National Institute for the Blind, Great Portland Street, W1.

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Christine H. said...

Hard to pass up a request like that!